The Witcher tv series made by Netflix raised questions for the many fans that already surrounded one of the most popular fantasy book series and arguably some of the best RPG games of all time. The Witcher 3 is our personal favorite game of all time. The live-action version of Geralt of Rivia is portrayed by none other than Henry Cavill. We can say he was hands down the best casting choice of the series. You won’t see Superman on the screen, only Geralt.

The way season 1 unfolds is really impressive and something that we personally haven’t seen in a long time. It almost feels like it was made by Christopher Nolan. We loved that some of the actions happen in different time periods, and when you realize what is really going one is really satisfying.

One of the most impressive things about the Witcher is the swordfights. The choreography is outstanding and some of the tracking shots that follow Geralt really make you feel that you are there with him.

The downsides of the show are mostly some poor casting options and some of the CGI. Most of the actors do a great job portraying their character, but some of them don’t really represent very well the character of the books. However, the practical effects and the monsters look decent.

In conclusion, The Witcher is one of the best tv shows of 2019 and we can’t wait for season 2. The show is already very popular, and it is up there with the Mandalorian.

If you want to play a great Witcher Quiz, here is one made by us: