About Wyverin

  We are a 3-member game development team (Emil, Raul and Vlad) from Sibiu, Romania. We started our journey in game development in 2016, while we were students, guided by our passion and with a lot of confidence.

  In this time, we developed over 50 games and concepts using multiple engines. Also, we created many educational videos for our native country and we are trying to continuously offer value for worldwide game developers, gamers and our community with useful articles and materials posted on our website.

Choose your Character

Raul Cracea (Kraul / Omu lu’ Soare)

Level 22

He's the one who creates things. He's dealing with game graphics, the part that users see and that represents the first impact of the game. So Raul is the designer of the team (the master of Photoshop), but he often gives a helping hand and stage the created elements. From the Wyverin team, he is the happiest and most enthusiastic member, but he has a small problem: he likes to play with magic.

Emil Ilea (Milu)

Level 23

Nicknamed "Our software engineer" he is the one that sets and shapes all the levels of the game. Every obstacle, coin, power up or checkpoint was thought of by him, so he is the perfect man for you to swear if the game is too hard, too easy or if you found a bug. Milu is the more calculated member of the team, who thoroughly analyzes all options before making a decision.

Vlad Bruma (Vlad)

Level 23

The one who presents the games to the people and deals with the publishing and social media channels. He is always in contact with people. Besides that, Vlad also handles the game menus and the functionalities behind them. So yes, because of him you get that annoying ad sometime, but don’t worry because you can be proud of your position in the live standings or share the score on Facebook also because of him.

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