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How many times have you been with your friends and you were bored together? This is a virtual board game that will solve the problem!

Do you want to play a game like Alias or Activity but more competitive, where everybody fights for himself? Maybe you hate to carry with you when you travel all the cards or board games that take up a lot of space? We present to you the solution in a single word: Ally. You only need to have one smartphone with you, and that is enough.

You can play this game with an unlimited number of friends. The more you are, the more fun you will have. If you like party games or you like to laugh a lot with your friends, you have to try this app for free.

You are all allies and enemies at the same time. The teams will be randomly generated every round so you have to be prepared anytime. Your only true ally will be your general knowledge about many categories like celebrities, movies&tv series, brands, history, geography, or sports.

This is not just a simple charade game because the rules are unique, created in order to provide you an amazing experience and great memories. You can even custom your own game mode!

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