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The first official game of a Romanian Vlogger! A general knowledge game.

If you like to discover new information, you are a fan of the Youtube channel "Atentie, Cad Mere!" or you just want to develop your general culture by playing, you are in the right place, this game is for you!

Try to develop as much virtual IQ as possible by collecting points and unlocking all the characters in the game.
Because we learn from mistakes, every time you lose a round in the game you receive interesting facts as a consolation prize. Introduce these new curiosities to your friends and invite them to the game to see which of you is faster and has better reflexes. You can track the score of all players on the live leaderboard.

“I bought all the apples. I recommend those who have written silly reviews to play the game first. It is very interesting and I recommend it.”

Dariaw5/5 ★★★★★

“So I love the game! at school when teacher asks us about general culture things, I say facts from the game mode "did you know that?". In break my colleagues ask how I knew that and I send them the application and they tell me aftewards that it really helps!!!”

Painica5/5 ★★★★★

“The game is simple, but very nice, especially the idea of learning new things when you lose, which does not seem a problem if you lose! The game I think has potential, which is why you have a feedback option. Worth 5 ★!”

Mihail, A Romanian Guy5/5 ★★★★★

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