Creating a great game can be pretty simple by using a great game engine. For this article, we will not talk about game development for triple-A games. So let’s get started!

For creating any game you will need to have a minimum investment at the beginning and big revenues after you publish it. Do NOT make games with online solutions like QuickApp Ninja or others because it’s a scam! We will discuss this topic in another article.

Methods by which you can make a game (used by us):

  • BuildBox -> Many game modes available, do not require programming skills, quick game development.
  • Unity -> Much better control over all the game mechanics by code but requires a good level of programming.
  • GameSalad -> Combination of drag & drop and programming.

Rules for creating a good game:

  • Do NOT make a game you would not play!
  • Try to be as original as possible, or go on model & improve idea.
  • Put a lot of work and passion in that direction, get feedback from friends and outside people that are not related to creating the game.
  • The best moment to take out a game is at the beginning of the trend, so try to anticipate. Do not grab a game whose idea is in trending, because when your game is ready the world has forgotten about that idea anyway.

Bits of Advice:

“The football for those in the stands is easy, but when you get into the field the job is a bit different.”

  • Many people are watching tutorials and studying this subject too much, the best way is to start doing something, and when you are stuck, you can use tutorials or help materials. You will definitely know how to do that much better than a video that you forgot about after 10 minutes.
  • All the game must be thought of before, make a plan of all the things that will be found in your game, put them together and then get the job done. If you start the game without any idea or vision, you will make many improvisations that will drop from the quality of the final game.

Monetization of the game:

  • Determine the value of your game objectively-> Do not put a price too low in the hope that more people will buy it, and also do not put a price too high in the hope that you will get rich quickly because the users pay what the product deserves.
  • Think ahead of how the game will be monetized if you choose to have a free game, use advertisements (banners, interstitials, video reward). You also should use In-App Purchases.


Creating a great game is hard but if you want your final product to be great you need to put passion in it, get feedback from as many people as possible and think of every aspect of the game from the start.

We have a video in which we explain this topic in detail. (Only in Romanian for Now)

Watch it Here: