How much does it cost and how long does it take to make a game from scratch?

Ways to create a game:


– Requires programming knowledge

– It takes a lot of free time

– If you do not know how to implement different game-specific features (Ads, Share, Game Center), they must be purchased from Unity Asset Store.

You have to be professional to use Unity to a good level so it’s best to start with a software that helps you at the beginning => A small start-up investment is ALWAYS worth it!

The length and cost of a game depend on the software and the experience. If you’re a beginner we recommend Buildbox even if it costs money. You can work with it as you familiarize yourself with the mechanics behind the games and understand the process of creating a game.

As you get familiar with the code, and when you become more professional you can start using Unity because you have learned the game mechanics in BB. Now you know exactly how to do it and your only barrier is the code. But knowing exactly what you want will no longer be a challenge.


– We assume that the vast majority of those who are looking have not yet started on this road or have medium knowledge, so we will present as a model of this discussion around a game made by us in BuildBox. The game is called BAC 2018.

To create any game you need assets (characters, animations, enemies, backgrounds) and UI elements (buttons).

Assets: Try to be as original as possible, and if you use assets taken from the net assure that they are free (they do not have copyright). In BAC 2018 all the assets were created by us.

UI Elements: You can do it yourself or you can find plenty on the Internet, paid or free, depending on the quality and level of detail. In BAC 2018 all the UI Elements were created by us.


The only cost was the BB Version – $ 35 / month

Duration: 2 weeks, but if you work alone you will need about 3-4 weeks => so one month is definitely enough!


If you want to publish the game, the costs are as follows:

25 $ Google Play Developer Account – Forever

100 $ Apple developer account – per year

There would also be marketing costs, which are actually the largest and most difficult to administer. It depends on the budget and the potential of the game.

These costs can be exempted by a publisher who can help you post and promote the game, with much better results than if you did it yourself.

If you start on this road or you have a game created, do not hesitate to contact us, we can help you in this direction with tips or collaborations.


So, to conclude, if you make an original game in BuildBox in a maximum of one month and you publish it through a publisher, the total cost is $ 35.

This method is much healthier and will generate a much higher profit than online methods like QuickApp Ninja.

We discussed this topic Here in more detail:

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