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Follow Antonio in an adventure to recover his lost memories. Find your way through lava caves, haunted forests and cursed mazes. Get past Golems, Zombies, Skeletons and other creatures to reach your destination in time.

The Story mode focuses on Antonio and how he got in his situation. He doesn’t remember anything, but by finishing levels, you will unlock memory fragments. You will get to play more than 100 unique levels set in different worlds, but don’t forget that you have to rush to the end. Each level has a limited amount of time to finish.

The Endless Nightmare mode takes Antonio to a burning city. Get as far as you can, but stay away from the fire, monsters and the lurking shadows. Collect coins to unlock tens of unique skins for your character.

“It’s super spicy and cool!”

Bia5/5 ★★★★★

“Cool game! The final was great. Respect Hot Rush!”

George5/5 ★★★★★

“The most extraordinary game! <3”

Daiana5/5 ★★★★★

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