Buildbox is a drag-and-drop game building software created by Trey Smith in 2015. Trey Smith is a guy who did not know programming at that time, but he was passionate about creating mobile games. So he hired a team of people and created with them a software designed to create games without using programming. It’s the easiest and fastest technique to create a game from 0, achievable by anyone. The core audience for this software is gaming enthusiast without prior game development or coding knowledge.

Buildbox uses basic tools for creating great games. You can add Backgrounds, Characters, Objects (Enemy or Platforms), Effects, Logic Elements, Actions, and Labels.

For more about how to combine those elements in a game in 30 minutes, watch the video below. (Only in Romanian for Now)

Download the Game and the Assets.

Primul Joc - Arhiva Completa (999 downloads)