How it started

About a year ago, we started to work on a project for football fans from Brazil. So, we created “Brazilian Football Quiz”, a game made in Unity which contains multiple categories:

  • Players
  • Managers
  • Facts
  • Legends
  • Fans
  • Logos
  • Stadiums
  • Referees
  • Women

Within all of these categories, there were multiple game modes.

The game was highly appreciated from the first moment, and it was constantly updated based on users feedback. You can find and download the quiz here:

So we continued to create

Based on the success of the Brazilian game, we also created similar games for football fans from Argentina, Romania, England, USA, and Spain. You can find all of them on our Google Play page here:

On iOS, all of these games are compacted in a single one and you can download it from here:

Why we are doing this?

  Football is also one of our passions and beside this, our games are the only games on the store that contains all of the specified categories in a single product. Of course, the fact that the games are highly appreciated and recommended by the users is a big reason for us to continue to grow.

  So we already have in development a new Football Quiz project for Germany. Once this will be done, we will continue to develop new ones for countries where football represents a big point of interest and of course, we will update the existing ones with new content. Our desire is when a football fan accesses our website ( or our Google Play page, from whatever country he is, he will find the perfect football game made only for his country.

Have a good weekend and enjoy football!

If you are a fan of Premier League, La Liga, MLS or Brazil’s/Argentina’s/Romanian’s League you can start to play right now our football games!  If not, we are sure that you will find other awesome games over there.

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