This winter we didn’t hibernate. With the coming of spring, we will make some major changes to our platforms in order to have a better experience for our users.

First of all, we want to thank you for playing our games all this time and we want to ensure you that we will make them better and better.

In March, our series of surprises will start: a shop for our users will be opened and you will find there a various gamma of products with the theme of the game you love (Stranger Things, Star Wars, The Walking Dead, All football games and many more).

Secondly, we finished another game (or two in some cases) for every game subject from our Play Store. So for instance, if you are a fan of Casa de Papel or Rick and Morty and you enjoy our Quiz ( you will be able to play another great game with your favorite series. We are ready to post all of them, but we need to make some verifications first and to ensure that everything is working properly. Once this is done, you can find and download the new games from our Store page.

We can’t wait for your feedback, we will read and consider all reviews received, so please don’t hesitate to explain us in details what you really liked in our games or what can be improved.

Keep following us on our Instagram page ( ) to stay in touch. Have a good weekend and enjoy our games! Many more to come in a short time.