Humanity is facing very hard times these days because of this new Coronavirus. Things seem to be out of control and every day the situation gets worse. Besides the health of the people who are in real danger, the economy has collapsed and will continue to go down because people are staying home and more and more companies are forced to lay off their employees. Here you can see a graphic of unemployment status in the USA in the last 30 years.

 The panic is growing in people’s minds and searches like “work from home”, “home business ideas”, “amazon remote jobs”, “home-based jobs”, or “amazon work from home jobs” has increased with almost 500% in the last month. This is a sign that people want to adapt quickly and to find a source of money, working from their homes. Let’s take a look at what Google Trends says about “work from home” search.

 But the solution is not so hard to find and is pretty logical. People are staying at home, so they are consuming more content day by day. They want to play a game, watch movies, read books or learn new things online. This is the reason why Netflix, EA or Hasbro sales have increased in the last time while all other companies are highly impacted. They create content. This is what you have to do also if you want more visibility and money than ever. This is a great chance. It’s a terrible thing that is happening, but you can’t just stay and wait for things to get solved as soon as possible. With every problem, there is a solution that you can provide. Try to offer as many solutions as you can. And now you have a lot of problems to solve. You will help other people and you will help yourself. Don’t miss this chance!

 Maybe you saw this picture on the internet these days, but we as content creators, together with all other who bring entertainment to people phones, tablets, PCs, laptops, consoles, and homes, have a response to you, Coronavirus:

Online is booming so far! And we are talking also about revenues too because we want to give you this information and to show you what an amazing opportunity you have ahead. Of course that our social life is also affected and it’s a very annoying situation, but sometimes you have to find solutions at least for a period of time until things will be better. And who knows, maybe will you will enjoy it and your life will be different after this crisis will pass.

Stay safe, learn new things and start to create content. This is the best time when you can do this because life took a pause and you can make a lot of money. You don’t take advantage of a bad situation for humanity, you just take an opportunity.

We wish you all the best, strong health and good luck with your projects! Play our games from and stay in touch with us on Instagram at @wyverin_ent.